PC-Pipelines is an implimentation of CMS/TSO Pipelines. It is a .Net application written in C#.
It supports all stages that do not require the mainframe OS or file system. A list of all currently supported stages can be found here. User written stages are also supported. See the HowTo page to see how to run a pipe from a .Net program or from PowerShell and how to code your own user stages.

Exceptions in stage support
PowerShell support
PowerShell scripts are now more Rexx like. For each Pipe command there is a correspnding PowerShell command. Also included are PowerShell equivalents of the Rexx functions that manipulate strings. See the installed HowTo document for details.
The Specs stage only supports the following conversions: C2X, X2C, D2C, C2D, X2D, D2X, C2V, V2C.
The following new conversion are also supported:
C2L - This is the PC equivalent of C2D. The input is a 4 byte LittleEndian interger.
L2C - This is the PC evuivalent of D2C. The output is a 4 Byte LittleEndian interger.
The Console stage does not work from a Windows GUI application. It does work from a Windows Console application and from PowerShell scripts.
Only supports A2E and E2A conversions.
The Pipcmd stage only supports CallPipe and AddPipe
Pipe and Stage options
You can specify all of the options but only the following options are implemented: Name, Stagesep, Endchar, Escape and Trace
Binary strings
Both Hex and Binary string are now supported.
HostByAddr and HostByName
These stages support the parameter "All". If specified, the host name and all aliases or all addresses are returned in a single space delimited record
Stem and Var stages
The processing of Stem and Var stages has changed. You now specify the name of a Stem or variable and not the index of a passed argument array.
In a PowerShell script you need not concern yourself with the underlying structure of a Stem or Var variable. Coding a Pipe in a .Net program a Stem variable must be a System.Collections.ArrayList and a Var must be a System.Text.StringBuilder. See the HowTo.htm installed by Setup for more information about Stem and Var stages.
Downloading the code
Windows installer for PowerShell and/or Rexx interface PC-Pipes.zip.

For Linux systems download this version PCPipes-1.0.tgz.
Here is the Linux package ReadMe file.

Windows System requirments:

Linux System requirments:

Supported Stages